Above: My students at Clare College, Cambridge, did this amazing drawing for my birthday (2016).


Hi! This is the home page of philosopher and logician Thomas Schindler. I'm an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and recipient of an ERC Starting Grant (which will run from 2023-2028).

Prior to my move to Amsterdam, I held positions as a Research Associate at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol (2020-2022), as a Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute for Language, Logic, and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam (2018 - 2020) and as a Junior Research Fellow at Clare College, University of Cambridge (2015 - 2018). Before that, I did my PhD at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) at LMU Munich (2012 - 2015), of which I remain an external member. From 2020-2022, I have also been a member of the Editorial Committee of the journal dialectica.

I work mostly in the intersection of logic, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics. I have a particular interest in theories of truth (especially deflationism), the nature of abstract objects (especially properties, classes, and numbers), the semantic and logical paradoxes, and type-free theories. I also have a huge interest in the philosophy of Schopenhauer. You can find out more about my research here.

My Marie Curie project was called "The logical function of property talk" (2018 - 2020). I have also been a main researcher on the DFG funded project "Reference patterns of paradox" (2016 - 2019). My ERC Starting Grant is on "Generalisation into sentence and predicate position".

You can find my CV here and download my papers here.

You can also find me at:

Thick-skinned pomegranates,

Forced open by excess of seeds,

You make me think of foreheads

Bursting with discoveries.

--- Paul Valéry


t dot schindler at uva dot nl