Above: My students at Clare College, Cambridge, did this amazing drawing for my birthday (2016).

Thick-skinned pomegranates,

Forced open by excess of seeds,

You make me think of foreheads

Bursting with discoveries.

--- Paul Valéry


thomas.schindler1980 at gmail.com

Hi! This is the home page of philosopher and logician Thomas Schindler. I'm a Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute for Language, Logic, and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam. Before that, I was a Junior Research Fellow at Clare College, University of Cambridge (2015 - 2018), and before that, I did my PhD at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) at LMU Munich (2012 - 2015), of which I remain an external member. In March 2020, I will join the University of Bristol as a Research Associate on the ERC project "Truth and Semantics".

I work mostly in philosophical logic, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics. I have a particular interest in deflationism, truth, properties, classes, numbers, the semantic and logical paradoxes, metaontology, theories of meaning, and logicism. I have an off and on interest in transcendental idealism, personal identity, and the sense-datum theory of perception, and I have a huge interest in the philosophy of Schopenhauer.

My ERC project is called "The logical function of property talk" (2018 - 2020). I have also been a main researcher on the DFG funded project "Reference patterns of paradox" (2016 - 2019).

You can find my CV here. Find out more about my research here and download my papers here.

You can also find me at: